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Smart cities replicate – do you?


Smart cities in Europe attract delegations from all over the world. Recently a delegation from Santiago, Chile, visited Gothenburg, Sweden, and was impressed by several of the solutions provided by the EU-project IRIS, one of 12 Lighthouse projects in the EU.

“Smart cities throughout Europe demonstrate solutions contributing to solve the global sustainability goals. We match non-European cities fostering smart city ambitions with the smart cities in our network”, says Ulrika Wahlström, Innovation project manager, IMCG.

Benefit from our network of smart cities

The IRIS project includes a special offer for cities outside of the European Union. At least 20 cities, after signing a letter of intent, will get to implement the solutions and get the business models adapted to their city’s specific needs. The cities already participating in the IRIS project will share their experience and know-how regarding Energy positive districts, Smart energy management, the Smart e-mobility sector, a Digital city innovation platform and Citizen engagement and co-creation.

The fast way for a city to get smarter is to replicate what other cities already have tested and proved sustainable and bankable.

IMCG works closely with several smart cities and has a large network of cities with profound competence within areas as energy efficiency, renewable energy and e-mobility as well as shared data services and platforms and co-creation. For example, the EU-project Celsius gathers almost 70 cities dedicated to district heating and cooling. The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, EIP-SCC, gathers 12 Lighthouse projects with approximately 80 cities with the overall aim to test and demonstrate integrated solutions that can be replicated throughout the world.

Santiago up next?

“IMCG gives business modelling support to solution providers in many smart cities so that their solutions rapidly can be replicated in the specific district where they are being demonstrated and in other cities all over the world”, says Jonas Norrman, Business Model Manager and Partner, IMCG.

The Chile delegation, that was hosted by Green Gothenburg, got to experience several of the solutions demonstrated in Gothenburg within energy, mobility and ICT. The solutions, such as HSB Living Lab and Brf Viva, are part of IRIS and just as all lighthouse projects the aim of IRIS is to make smart cities smarter and provide cities –  not only in Europe – but all over the world – with sustainable business models.

Will Santiago be one of the cities outside of Europe benefitting from what’s been developed and tested in the EU? That might very well be the case. The delegation in Gothenburg represented the building and construction sector and understood very well the concept that it’s often a real estate developer that implements and buys a solution, while the city is the facilitator for this to happen.


Are you a smart city with ambitions to become smarter? Contact us and we’ll introduce you to smart cities all over Europe and a wide range of sustainable solutions that have already been tested and are ready to be replicated!