Let us introduce you to 100 smart cities


Did you use to say that you’re part of the automotive industry, but are now talking about e-mobility? Are you an electricity provider now focusing nudging people into choosing renewable energy? Have you come to realize that sharing data with others can improve both yours, theirs and the planet’s chances to succeed? Good! Let IMCG introduce you to a world of smart cities!

How to reach the smart cities

Through IMCG’s work in projects like IRIS and Celsius we have gotten to know over 100 smart cities and cities with the ambition to become even smarter. We’ve got connections both at a city level and work with key organisations and companies within the cities. If you want to play an active part in a smart city that might involve you needing to change your business model slightly. We match your products and services with the smart cities’ needs.

Become part of the smart city community

Smart cities know that they need to solve a number of issues in order to reach the global sustainability goals. Working with smart cities, IMCG sees that many of these goals can be reached if cities work in a smart way with mobility, energy and open data.

“But, of course, it’s not the cities themselves solving the problem, but the smart ones enable a market where companies – like yours – can provide the city with the right knowhow, services and products”, says Ulrika Wahlström, Innovation project manager, IMCG.

Mobility– We know that car manufacturers can play a crucial role in the modern city. We also know that cars won’t be driven and used in the future city as they are today.

Energy– Electricity providers already see their market change due to consumers becoming prosumers, the possibilities for energy storage and the increased use of renewable energy resources.

Open data– The new way of sharing data opens up mayor possibilities that we can’t even begin to imagine the final outcome of.


Want to know more about IMCG’s network of smart cities? Contact Jonas Norrman or Ulrika Wahlström.