Innovation Management

Are you a star of high-tech innovations? Here are tips on how to reach the market!


Being a technical innovative company, you need to start loving the meaning of IPR, exploitation, innovation management and out-reach activities.

– Surround yourself with competences you don’t have, and you will increase your chances to reach market impact, says Ulrika Wahlström, Innovation Project Manager, IMCG.

Being somewhat of a technology genius, how come you are still struggling to reach the market? It’s probably because you haven’t yet embraced the opportunity to liaison with people from organisations and companies that are really good at other things than technology. Companies that will help you package your technology into something the market actually can buy or invest in.

Being somewhat of a technology genius, how come you are still struggling to reach the market?

Surround yourself with the competences you don’t have

IMCG works with high-tech companies that have understood that there are benefits generated by collaborating with others in order to get to the market. Ulrika Wahlström, Innovation Project Manager at IMCG, compares these companies to the Norweigan billionaire, Petter Stordalen, who is making a fortune by running hundreds of hotels. He is often asked about what it is that makes him so successful, and his simple answer is “I’m surrounding myself with people who possess competences that I don’t have.”.

Here are IMCG’s tips for technology companies aiming for a higher success rate on the market. Start working on:

  1. IPR  – Because not handling Intellectual Property Right issues can be a barrier when it comes to entering the market. If it’s not clear what you own, nobody will buy your technology or invest in it.
  2. Exploitation – You need to identify possible pathways to reach the market. Can you make it on your own or do you need external support and funding?
  3. Innovation Management – Is your organisation set to handle innovation? You need an innovation strategy, an organisation that nurture an innovative culture etc.
  4. Outreach – When you have started working with IPR, Exploitation and Innovation Management, you need to package it together with your innovative technology in order to make it attractive to the market you wish to reach.


Working with the stars of technology

IMCG is leading the non-technical work package in the very innovative and technology intense EU project United-Grid. Our aim for the solutions being developed is to reach the market.

– The technology stars of United-Grid are working on the solutions of tomorrow’s smart energy grids. There is nothing simple about that. By clarifying and trying to overcome the non-technical barriers, we help increasing the chances for market entrance, says Ulrika Wahlström, Innovation Project Manager, IMCG.

IMCG contributes with competence regarding out-reach and exploitation activities in close collaboration with RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden). This work includes IPR, Exploitation, Innovation Management and Out-reach activities.