Smart City position available – apply now!


We are looking for a city that is interested in becoming smarter. A city that wants to learn more about the smart solutions within energy, mobility and open data that are being demonstrated in co-creation with real citizens on the European market. Is that city you?

We provide a smorgasbord of smart city solutions that your city is welcome to replicate. By understanding the business models of the solutions and get support and knowledge transfer from the cities where the solutions are being demonstrated, you will be able to implement tomorrow’s integrated solutions in your smart city district today. Does this sound too good to be truth? Well, it’s not. The European project IRIS Smart Cities, along with several other lighthouse projects, offer you – being a city in Europe or in another part of the world, such as South America, North America or Asia, the takeaways from what we have learned so far and what we’ll learn through out the project.

What we expect from you in return is that you will:

– be eager to get more information on the solutions of your interest within energy, mobility, open data/ICT and/or citizen engagement and co-creation

– agree upon becoming a follower of smart city solutions and part of our smart city group

Does this sound interesting to you? Don’t hesitate to apply for the Smart City position now. This is done very easily – you just send us an e-mail and we take it from there.

Join us at the Smart City Expo World Congress

19-21 November Ulrika Wahlström and Jonas Norrman from IMCG will be at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona. Will you be there? Let’s book a meeting and discuss how your city can benefit from following the progress of the smart city community in Europe. Let us know if you will be there!

Join us at our Smart City meeting in Santiago, Chile

25-28 November Ulrika Wahlström and Frida Barrett from IMCG will be in Santiago on the topics of IoT and smart city solutions. Interested in joining? Contact us!