From Smart Cities to Smart Destinations


City data platforms have been under development recent years. The rapid progress in digitalization of society and cities have pushed platforms to new levels. Most important push have not been technological but in in management. Management in city authorities as well as management in companies in the hospitality industry need data to monitor the effects from the cov-19 pandemic as well as signs of recovery.

Smart City Data platforms are now in many cities enhances for this new purpose as Smart Destination Data Platform. This also means include new data streams to the Open data sets available from the city. It is data streams from the hospitality industry itself as well as commercial data streams from for example telecom companies.

The is also new organizational structures between the actors, securing a steady and continuous supply of data to monitoring applications. A local data utility is forming to governance the digital infrastructure as well as data flow through the system. Much like a traditional energy utility.

Future possibilities smart destination data platforms include new services for visitors. With more data and a comprehensive digital infrastructure new hospitality services can be developed and offered to visitors for a better experience from the destination.

Smart destination data platforms also include an updated possible to monitor indicators on sustainability effects from hospitality industry.  With the new resources available on the destination, it will be more transparent to follow up on Sustainability effects as well as forecast impacts of urban development programs.

IMCG offer services to authorities and companies in cities when they together upgrade the City with smart destinations qualities. IMCG support with process advisory, project development and project grant applications.