About us

IMCG – Impact Management Consulting Group. Four words that contribute to a better society.

we are imcg

As an impact and innovation organisation, IMCG focuses on developing and deploying, large collaborative projects.

We mainly do this within the field of Smart Cities, where challenges often regard energy-transition, with the main objective being to deploy the results on the market creating sustainable growth and societal benefits.

IMCG has developed several Lighthouse projects, including CELSIUS, and we act as innovation, business, exploitation, communication managers, within these projects. The projects’ ambitions regarding deployment and growth objectives are always set high.

To boost deployment speed, we have throughout the last two decades enhanced our capability, networks, structural capital within the Financial Instruments, Sustainable Business Models and Innovation Capability and Capacity for smart cities and its eco-system. These areas have been pin-pointed as being the major obstacles for rapid deployment of sustainable energy solutions within cities and city districts. IMCG handles these matters in the e.g. European network EIP- SCC action-clusters, as one of 12 members in the Task group for Business Model management and Financial solutions.

Read more about our client assignments (projects) and about interesting Impact Insights (imcg-articles) from our experts.

IMCG has offices in Gothenburg and Malmo. We have consulting partners in Sweden Finland, Belgium and Poland.


Our vision is to be a leading service supplier in EU, contribute to the global climate challenge, by significantly improving the usage of sustainable and smart services or products in Smart Cities.


We only take on assignments that contribute to the sustainable development of society. We have a profitability growth for employee security and resilience to market fluctuations.


We offer services that support implementation and strengthen the impact of our customers' business development projects. IMCG works for customers who also want to contribute to the development of smart, sustainable and democratic societies.