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Impact management

Communicate – key activity for high tech companies

Working with several different processes in parallel, and not only focusing on technical development, will create better opportunities for commercialization of an innovation. To reach market impact, communication is keyl Here, social media can be an excellent tool.

Innovation Management

Collaboration is the best way to capture business value from IoT

Internet of things (IoT) and connected sensors are here to stay, and we can only speculate about the benefits from these solutions. Sweden have been a world leader in digitalization for a long time. There is much to gain from collaboration projects.


Smart City position available – apply now!

We are looking for a city outside of Europe that wants to know about Smart City solutions being demonstrated on the European market within the energy management, energy efficiency, e-mobility, open data and IoT and citizen engagement and co-creation. Is it that city you?

Innovation Management

Exploitation – a word often used innovative EU projects

Exploitation of results is a very important thing. But what does it actually mean? And why is there a need for balancing technical competence with non-technical competence?


Not a carpenter, still you are to use tools and toolboxes?

Can you mention one company that doesn't claim having a number of important tools and toolboxes that are to contribute to ease internal and external processes. Both CEOs, leaders and employees are expected to know where, when, how and why the tools are to be used. Somehow, few feel like Bob the Builder at work. Here are 7 steps to get the toolbox working!


Become a winner with video marketing

Videos can capture the action, and it's a great resource when you want to transmit information clearly and visually.
- If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million, says Maria Dahlin, Video expert at IMCG.


6 things to tackle to avoid market entrance barriers

We are lucky to work with a lot of people like you - you who are excellent at working in teams and at innovating new techniques, solutions, services and products. We have listed 6 things that- if you put down an effort and work with them - will have a significant impact on increasing your chances for getting what you developed out on the market.

Innovation Management

Are you a star of high-tech innovations? Here are tips on how to reach the market!

Being somewhat of a technology genius, how come you are still struggling to reach the market? You need to start loving the meaning of IPR, exploitation, innovation management and out-reach activities. Start collaborating with people and companies that have the competences you don't have.


Let us introduce you to 100 smart cities

IMCG knows over 100 smart cities and got connections both at a city level and works with key organisations and companies within the cities. We match your products and services with the smart cities' needs. Let us introduce you to a world of smart cities!

Project Management

Smart match-making at a business to city level

Are you a company ready to provide European cities with smart innovations within energy, mobility or ICT?

Project Management

Swedish innovation selected as speaker at Smart Cities India 2018 Expo

International: The innovation project LoV-IoT - environmental monitoring of air and water with IoT Technology, has been selected by the conference committee of the 4th Smart Cities India 2018 Expo to speak at the panel discussion within the topic: IoT applications, services and real implementations. The conference takes place in New Dehli on the 23-25 of May.


About to pitch for investors? Here are four tips for you!

In a pitch you usually only have a couple of minutes in order to get a potential investor interested in your invention. You will stand in front of people who don’t share your interest for technical details and who don’t have your knowhow regarding that area. IMCG lists 4 tips on how you get through to the investor.

Project Management

3 steps to increase success – the next H2020 work programme

Now - or at the latest by early fall 2017 - you should be busy building your consortia for the next H2020 Work programme, 2018-2020. If you haven’t already gotten started, consider this a wake-up call to do so. IMCG lists three priorities to get you kick-started.


Business opportunities for cleantech companies

IMCG has entered a collaboration with the company Cleantech Inn, their members and international partners.
- Together we will develop a network organisation with a sharp business and growth focus. We aim to create new business opportunities for cleantech companies in the European market, says IMCG CEO Jonas Norrman.


Gothenburg leads the district heating development in Europe.

A press release from Göteborg Energi states that a milestone has now been passed in the EU project CELSIUS. IMCG took part in writing the EU application, supports the project with communication services and long-term business development.


IMCG videos could promote EU programme

VIDEO CLIP: The EU Commission is producing a video to increase awareness and willingness to participate in the Smart Cities initiative. Gothenburg contributes two videos produced by IMCG.


Innovative washing machines boost the suburb

VIDEO CLIP: Celsius, one of the largest Smart City projects in the EU, takes a leap forward through the opening of a demonstrator in Gårdsten outside Gothenburg. From now on, the tenants do their laundry in washing machines using hot water from the district heating system. This means a lower electricity consumption and thereby reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Project Management

Quiet space in a noisy world

VIDEO CLIP: See the globally unique, noise reducing bus stop "Amanda" being presented and hear IMCG CEO and Akademiska hus regional head tell about why we need silent rooms in the city.


Clips attract clicks – breakfast meeting and workshop

Benefit from the attraction of video clips in social media to draw attention to your company.


3 tips for a winning video marketing strategy

Scan any social media and it is obvious: clips attract clicks. There is a lot to gain for companies who realise the capacity of the moving image and storytelling traditionally used in journalism.


IMCG blog launched in English