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Impact management

Towards a European version of the Smart City concept

Jonas Norrman is partner at IMCG and works with many smart cities throughout Europe. Here he shares insights on the development of concepts for smart cities in general and the development of European Smart Cities in particular.

Innovation Management

IRIS – innovation for sustainable growth

The EU-project IRIS Smart Cities aims to develop and replicate smart solutions for cities to become increasingly energy efficient, sustainable and attractive for their inhabitants. This week an international project meeting was held in Gothenburg.


How to find a needle in the haystack

The need for expert competence that can contribute to the coming calls within Horizon 2020 is tremendous. At the same time, experts like researchers, rarely has experienced EU-project coordinators in their network. In order to build the perfect consortium, high-level match-making is needed.


About to pitch for investors? Here are four tips for you!

In a pitch you usually only have a couple of minutes in order to get a potential investor interested in your invention. You will stand in front of people who don’t share your interest for technical details and who don’t have your knowhow regarding that area. IMCG lists 4 tips on how you get through to the investor.


Winning EU-application: Millions to project for climate-smart solutions

Gothenburg has together with six European cities been granted 18 million Euros (just over 175 million Swedish Crowns) by the EU, for a five-year project. The application is rated number one by the EU commission.
– To have a good project idea isn’t enough if you want to receive a high score. You also need to have an excellent plan for the realisation of it and a clear picture of expected impact on society, says, Magnus Andersson, partner at IMCG and one of the key people in the creation of the winning application.

Project Management

3 steps to increase success – the next H2020 work programme

Now - or at the latest by early fall 2017 - you should be busy building your consortia for the next H2020 Work programme, 2018-2020. If you haven’t already gotten started, consider this a wake-up call to do so. IMCG lists three priorities to get you kick-started.


Green IT Homes to be presented in Copenhagen

The district heating metropolis of Copenhagen is facing a big challenge ahead: to remove fossil energy from the heating system. Now the city and the Danish energy company HOFOR invites IMCG to present the platform Green IT Homes, which holds keys to the solution.

Project Management

”This is just the beginning of something greater”

VIDEO CLIP: Intense efforts are being made to ensure that the district energy project CELSIUS, now with more than 50 European member cities, continues to assist and motivate progress after project closure.
Leading figures in the project are now mapping out the course to making it happen. See them interviewed here.


Business opportunities for cleantech companies

IMCG has entered a collaboration with the company Cleantech Inn, their members and international partners.
- Together we will develop a network organisation with a sharp business and growth focus. We aim to create new business opportunities for cleantech companies in the European market, says IMCG CEO Jonas Norrman.


Sustainable laundry with district heating

One hundred washing machines, using warm water from the City district heating system, have been officially inaugurated in Gårdsten northeast of Gothenburg.


Good news on greenhouse emissions – or not?

In 20 years the greenhouse gas emissions caused by Swedes at home have decreased by 22 per cent. Good news – or not?


IMCG stärker innovationstjänst med världsledande IT-verktyg

IMCG är mångåriga specialister på att leda innovation. Vi stärker nu vår expertis med det världsledande IT-verktyget Hype Innovation, som hjälper företag att ta fram goda innovationer och driva dem hela vägen från idé till marknad.


IMCG blog launched in English