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Impact management
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Innovation projects

Uppsala University Framework Agreement

Uppsala University chooses IMCG as Framework Agreement Supplier for project application, support and education throughout the whole process, favouring a successful financing strategy.


New Executive Agency for Innovation Fund

Infrastructure and Environment executive agency (CINEA) was established on 1 April 2021 to take over its legacy portfolio as well as additional EU funding programs. CINEA´s preliminary timeline for next call for proposals for large scale projects in the Innovation Fund program

Innovation projects

Tinder for EU-projects

IMCG has developed a method placing researchers and companies with the right partners to apply together for the right call. Perfect for the coming Horizon Europe, starting this spring.

Energy transition

One billion euros for breakthrough energy technologies

The European Innovation Fund contributes to greenhouse gas reduction in the EU by helping create the right financial incentives for new investments in the next generation of technologies needed for the EU's low-carbon transition. IMCG have supported in the development of proposals.

Impact management

Unique funding for carbon capture – Billions from the EU to industry

The European Innovation Fund provides a new opportunity for energy-intensive industries with ambitions to become climate-neutral. This summer the fund starts financing carbon dioxide-reducing innovations.
- EU is investing billions, where 40 percent of the loan is written off. It is a unique opportunity for leading edge businesses,” says Magnus Andersson, finance expert at IMCG.


Join our team – Senior project developer

IMCG is hiring.
We are looking for a senior project developer in major collaborative projects.


How to win a Horizon 2020 bid

You won't win a Horizon 2020 bid relying only on your research skills. IMCG lists five things worth considering when trying to write a competitive Horizon 2020 bid.


How to find a needle in the haystack

The need for expert competence that can contribute to the coming calls within Horizon 2020 is tremendous. At the same time, experts like researchers, rarely has experienced EU-project coordinators in their network. In order to build the perfect consortium, high-level match-making is needed.


Winning EU-application: Millions to project for climate-smart solutions

Gothenburg has together with six European cities been granted 18 million Euros (just over 175 million Swedish Crowns) by the EU, for a five-year project. The application is rated number one by the EU commission.
– To have a good project idea isn’t enough if you want to receive a high score. You also need to have an excellent plan for the realisation of it and a clear picture of expected impact on society, says, Magnus Andersson, partner at IMCG and one of the key people in the creation of the winning application.


Business opportunities for cleantech companies

IMCG has entered a collaboration with the company Cleantech Inn, their members and international partners.
- Together we will develop a network organisation with a sharp business and growth focus. We aim to create new business opportunities for cleantech companies in the European market, says IMCG CEO Jonas Norrman.


Gothenburg leads the district heating development in Europe.

A press release from Göteborg Energi states that a milestone has now been passed in the EU project CELSIUS. IMCG took part in writing the EU application, supports the project with communication services and long-term business development.