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Impact management

Become a winner with video marketing

Videos can capture the action, and it's a great resource when you want to transmit information clearly and visually.
- If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million, says Maria Dahlin, Video expert at IMCG.

Innovation Management

Smart process industries recycle and reuse water

Water scarcity is not a trend, it’s a fact. And it highly affects the process industry. The Horizon 2020 project Inspirewater is working to enable the process industry to implement sustainable wastewater treatment solutions. See film clip about smart process industries focusing on reuse and recycling water.

Video clip

Making every drop count

The InspireWater project aims to find innovative techniques to increase water and raw material efficiency in resource demanding steel- and chemical industry. These videos show the innovative technology solutions from the European companies MOL, BLUE-tec and BFI.

Project Management

Benefits generated by a smart city project

There are many benefits of being in a smart city project. But the really good thing is that you can benefit from the sustainable solutions being demonstrated in a project, even though you're not a project member. Here's how!


IMCG videos could promote EU programme

VIDEO CLIP: The EU Commission is producing a video to increase awareness and willingness to participate in the Smart Cities initiative. Gothenburg contributes two videos produced by IMCG.


Innovative washing machines boost the suburb

VIDEO CLIP: Celsius, one of the largest Smart City projects in the EU, takes a leap forward through the opening of a demonstrator in Gårdsten outside Gothenburg. From now on, the tenants do their laundry in washing machines using hot water from the district heating system. This means a lower electricity consumption and thereby reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Project Management

Quiet space in a noisy world

VIDEO CLIP: See the globally unique, noise reducing bus stop "Amanda" being presented and hear IMCG CEO and Akademiska hus regional head tell about why we need silent rooms in the city.

Innovation Management

Creative collisions for an attractive city

VIDEO CLIP: Innovation happens through creative collisions between people with different views. That is the core of Älvstaden Innovation Lab, which uses a new method for generating ideas for sustainable city development.

Innovation Management

Turn disruptive competition into your advantage

Innovation Management

Structured innovation – key to survival

Video clip: Dietmar Breyer, VP Sales Hype Innovation, on how to build and sustain innovation capabilities in organisations.