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Impact management
View of EFLEX software and functions
Energy transition

Earning electric money on your house or building – as simple as Airbnb!

Just owning a house with an energy system makes you a potential flexibility provider, which will be worth money in the flexible smart grid. In the IMCG coordinated Horizon 2020 project FlexiGrid we are developing a blockchain based platform for the flexibility market.


New Executive Agency for Innovation Fund

Infrastructure and Environment executive agency (CINEA) was established on 1 April 2021 to take over its legacy portfolio as well as additional EU funding programs. CINEA´s preliminary timeline for next call for proposals for large scale projects in the Innovation Fund program


From Smart Cities to Smart Destinations


Communicate – key activity for high tech companies

Working with several different processes in parallel, and not only focusing on technical development, will create better opportunities for commercialization of an innovation. To reach market impact, communication is keyl Here, social media can be an excellent tool.

Innovation projects

Tinder for EU-projects

IMCG has developed a method placing researchers and companies with the right partners to apply together for the right call. Perfect for the coming Horizon Europe, starting this spring.

Energy transition

One billion euros for breakthrough energy technologies

The European Innovation Fund contributes to greenhouse gas reduction in the EU by helping create the right financial incentives for new investments in the next generation of technologies needed for the EU's low-carbon transition. IMCG have supported in the development of proposals.

Energy transition

IMCG’s largest investment ever supports the energy transition

IMCG leads the Horizon 2020-financed smart grid project FlexiGrid with partners from all over Europe. The effort means a multi-million investment for the company.  
The project develops and demonstrates full scale flexibility markets and solutions. Flexible energy solutions are on the rise, and our customers in the energy and real estate industry see a future sustainable business opportunity, says Magnus Andersson, co-owner, IMCG. 

Business development

What happens to project results when the project ends?

If nothing happens to the project results after the project has ended, there will be no impact. Result owners need to make sure they have a preliminary commercialization plan ready by the time the project is finalized.

Business development

Transformation to sustainable businesses in smart cities

Successful transformation to sustainable solutions is dependent on collaboration between market actors, local policys and EU strategies. IMCG supports early adopters and helps energy utilities and property companies with strategies, business development and impact management.

Innovation Management

Collaboration is the best way to capture business value from IoT

Internet of things (IoT) and connected sensors are here to stay, and we can only speculate about the benefits from these solutions. Sweden have been a world leader in digitalization for a long time. There is much to gain from collaboration projects.

Innovation Management

Love at first sight – but not always an ever lasting love

When you fall in love you see your partner as a flawless human being and when you start a collaborative project it is the same thing. We love our project partners and we believe that the collaborative, friendly spirit will always be there. Is it possible to make sure you will have a fortunate future together?


Smart grid project FlexiGrid energized with new project manager

The IMCG-coordinated EU project FlexiGrid gets a new energy injection by adding business development expert Douglas Almquist, to the team. Douglas takes over as the new project manager. – FlexiGrid is in a good position to create new business opportunities for the energy sector in Europe, he says.

Energy transition

5 tips – How to prepare for a successful project review

Project review – if you are working in an EU project you know exactly what that is. It involves a lot of preparation – you are to condense all work progress done the last 1-1,5 year into a couple of 15-30 minutes presentations. In the meeting room you can feel the tension, engagement, excitement and adrenaline of all participants - even when the review is held online.

Impact management

Unique funding for carbon capture – Billions from the EU to industry

The European Innovation Fund provides a new opportunity for energy-intensive industries with ambitions to become climate-neutral. This summer the fund starts financing carbon dioxide-reducing innovations.
- EU is investing billions, where 40 percent of the loan is written off. It is a unique opportunity for leading edge businesses,” says Magnus Andersson, finance expert at IMCG.

Innovation Management

Welcome to the final conference of Inspirewater March 25-26 in Brussels

Access to clean water is becoming an increasingly crucial question for both municipalities and industries. At Inspirewater's final conference IMCG and partner organizations will present the results of the Horizon 2020 project. The main focus is on water management in process industries.    

Project Management

Established markets key for green innovations to live on

A lot of green technology with great potential to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions are demonstrated in EU-funded projects. Unfortunately, many never reach their full potential due to unclear planning from market actors on what will happen when the project ends.
– What often is lacking is the knowledge within relevant industry of the growing demand for the technology, says Jonas Norrman, CEO of IMCG, who presents value chains and business models for green innovation at a Smart cities conference in Lyon this week.

Business development

The upcoming Celsius Summit: From demo to impact

Magnus Andersson, a high profiled expert in European innovation management leads the workshop "Facilitating the replication and scaling of demonstrators" during this year's Celsius Summit in Brussels October 17-18. There he will point out existing obstacles and how to get around them.

Project Management

5 tips for DSO:s that no longer think that life is that good

The life as a DSO does not come easy anymore. As a DSO you can no longer work as you always have done. Digitalization, cyber security, renewable energi and consumers turning into prosumers producing their own electricity... No, it's time to act and adjust your business so it fits the reality of today.


Smart City position available – apply now!

We are looking for a city outside of Europe that wants to know about Smart City solutions being demonstrated on the European market within the energy management, energy efficiency, e-mobility, open data and IoT and citizen engagement and co-creation. Is it that city you?

Innovation Management

Exploitation – a word often used innovative EU projects

Exploitation of results is a very important thing. But what does it actually mean? And why is there a need for balancing technical competence with non-technical competence?


Not a carpenter, still you are to use tools and toolboxes?

Can you mention one company that doesn't claim having a number of important tools and toolboxes that are to contribute to ease internal and external processes. Both CEOs, leaders and employees are expected to know where, when, how and why the tools are to be used. Somehow, few feel like Bob the Builder at work. Here are 7 steps to get the toolbox working!


Become a winner with video marketing

Videos can capture the action, and it's a great resource when you want to transmit information clearly and visually.
- If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million, says Maria Dahlin, Video expert at IMCG.


6 things to tackle to avoid market entrance barriers

We are lucky to work with a lot of people like you - you who are excellent at working in teams and at innovating new techniques, solutions, services and products. We have listed 6 things that- if you put down an effort and work with them - will have a significant impact on increasing your chances for getting what you developed out on the market.

Innovation Management

Are you a star of high-tech innovations? Here are tips on how to reach the market!

Being somewhat of a technology genius, how come you are still struggling to reach the market? You need to start loving the meaning of IPR, exploitation, innovation management and out-reach activities. Start collaborating with people and companies that have the competences you don't have.


Towards a European version of the Smart City concept

Jonas Norrman is partner at IMCG and works with many smart cities throughout Europe. Here he shares insights on the development of concepts for smart cities in general and the development of European Smart Cities in particular.


Meet us at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Cities are facing the same kind of challenges and need to solve climate-related issues by working smarter within energy, mobility and ICT. No need to reinvent the wheel over and over again. Here is an offer for Smart Cities that want to become smarter. Meet us in Barcelona November 13-15!


IMCG News – October 2018

Light breeze, colorful leaves, bare trees - autumn is here. And at the office, we have so much exciting work going on. Do you share our interests in innovation management, funding and communication and are curious about what we do? Then, our newsletter is for you.


”It’s the next revolution that humans are seeing”

The LoV-IoT solution for air and water monitoring with Internet of Things is now spread internationally. The overall aim with the project is to contribute to better public health, globally. Lately, the cooperation with the project partner, Centro Mario Molina in Chile has been intensified. And in September a Swedish delegation visited Santiago for knowledge exchange and preparation for the launch of a large-scale test In Santiago, Chile. 

Innovation Management

Focus on the ecosystem that surrounds the innovation

IMCG is engaged in EU projects where the overall aim is to secure that the technology providers reach market impact. In order to achieve real impact and market success we need to focus on the ecosystem that surrounds a technology. This is what we call the process of innovation management.

Innovation Management

Smart process industries recycle and reuse water

Water scarcity is not a trend, it’s a fact. And it highly affects the process industry. The Horizon 2020 project Inspirewater is working to enable the process industry to implement sustainable wastewater treatment solutions. See film clip about smart process industries focusing on reuse and recycling water.