Energy visualisation in the city

Energy visualisation in the city

The Smart City Screen – Energy Visualisation in Gothenburg.

Smart City Screen is Sweden’s first public touchscreen for energy visualisation. It is placed in the centre of Gothenburg, behind the cathedral.

Passersby can touch and drag on the screen to see how energy use in Gothenburg city looks and changes over time.

The Smart City Screen is a part of “Inner City Energy”, an inititative which has made shops, cafes and offices aware of their energy usage and provided individual action plans.

For the first time the public can gain knowledge of the common energy consumption with our interactive 3D map that is continually updated with information from the power plants.

IMCG led the project in collaboration with Dealers Association Inner City Gothenburg, property owners and Göteborg Energi. Västra Götaland and the Swedish Energy Agency financed the project.

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