Support commercialization of wastewater treatment technologies

Support commercialization of wastewater treatment technologies

Market information to support the commercialization of wastewater treatment technologies tested in the Inspirewater project.

IMCG has produced a market analysis for the InspireWater project with the purpose of exploring the potential market for wastewater treatment technologies. The market analysis supports commercialization, economic assessment and exploitation and is focused on wastewater treatment in the process industry. It aims to give our project partners BFI, MOL Katalyst and BLUE-tec an overview of factors affecting one’s chances to make a market entrance:

  • Market trends
  • Rules, regulations and influential organisations
  • Ways to reach the potential customers
  • Competitors and competitive techniques
  • SWOT-analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Further reading and venues where to meet potential customers

There is a clear shift from wastewater treatment to water reuse and resource recovery. Water scarcity leads to the implementation of stricter regulations, which in turn makes the process industry invest in a wastewater treatment system that can fulfil the new rules. This opens up tremendous opportunities to make a market entrance.

Through InspireWater, opportunities to work closely with potential customers and collaborators such as Sandvik, ArcelorMittal, Clariant and DOW arise. They have provided information for this report, which will be of value when planning for exploitation.

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