Ocean bird

Consultancy support for EU funding and project development of the windship Oceanbird

Innovative Swedish technology will make it possible to power the largest ocean-going vessels by wind. Recently Wallenius Marine presented Oceanbird, a transatlantic ship capable of carrying up to 7,000 vehicles and reducing emissions for the crossing by 90 percent – and it’s powered directly by wind using a number of adjustable wings.

We at IMCG are proud to be a part of this important project. The project also proves that cooperation between industry and academia can lead to significant innovations.

IMCG has supported Wallenius Marine in a two-stage funding application within Mobility for Growth. The project aimed to obtain funding for the development of a concept for wind-powered cargo ships in a partner constellation containing actors from the Nordic shipping sector, European ports, technology suppliers and research actors.

An intermediate goal of the project was to demonstrate land- and ship-based solutions for wind propulsion, carry out simulations of applications for different ship types in digital demonstrators, simulate ports of call and inventory solutions for fossil fuel-free support machinery. IMCG’s role in step 1 of the project included full responsibility for both administrative coordination in the application portal and coordination of the application work.

IMCG took full coordinator responsibility for the entire application process, which included supplementing the project consortium and value chain, writing the excellence, impact and implementation chapters, developing the project’s demonstrators and budget design. IMCG also took full responsibility for the administrative coordination of the project’s partner constellation in the Commission’s application portal. In this process, all information about the 10 partners was coordinated and quality assured, such as partner descriptions, budget information and information about subcontracting and third-party involvement.

The project has received international attention in CNN and Forbes, among others.

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