Business development

Our connections and network

The combination of our expertise and our international network makes us a unique partner in business development. We bring people together and provide your organization with a team that under our leadership works according to your specific conditions and time frames.

Ask someone who knows

Our network includes UN officials, Nobel laureates, world-renowned professors and global business executives. Together with our external experts, IMCG’s staff add expertise in, for example, smart cities, environmental technology, business development and innovation.

IMCG also offers internal expert expertise in strategic external monitoring. We analyze in depth information to discern trends, create strategies and point out future scenarios.

The power lies in our network

Our network provides access to specialists from around the world. We can quickly create collaborations and offer information and research results from over 3000 experts.

The combination of our internal expertise and our international network makes us a unique partner in expert advice.

Business modelling

Being able to offer high-tech solutions that match the needs of the market does not automatically lead to business opportunities. We build the interface between those who can deliver and those who may not yet understand which innovation best matches their needs.

We guide actors who work with smart cities and help them in their digital change work in areas such as mobility, energy efficiency and sustainability. When we work in EU-funded projects, we always focus on reaching the market with the innovations that are created. As a project manager, we create the conditions for the technical solutions that are tested and demonstrated in the projects to reach the market and make an impression on society.


Impact management

We guide you who work with smart cities and help you in your organization’s digital change work in areas such as mobility, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Organizational development

Business & Business Development

Today’s societal challenges make it important for the market to quickly absorb new innovations. We offer consulting services to assist companies and public actors to include innovative solutions in their operations.

Board & Management Support

IMCG leads change processes. We support your management team or your board when you need to adapt your business strategy and your employees to a digitalized reality.

Business intelligence

IMCG supports businesses to transition towards a greener environment in every way.

IMCG support our clients with business intelligence services for support to transition strategies. We work with client management team to identify and resolve key business issues fast and we often act as head consultants operating a team of experts, chosen to deliver best in class information as fast as possible

Based on research results and decided transition strategy IMCG can support clients in establish business partnerships, and we can also be involved in oversight of the partnership when established.

Sometimes partnerships is not enough and the is need for acquisition of companies. IMCG support with identifying suitable objects and by conducting technology due diligence with focus on capabilities, capacities and innovation management.