Impact development

Make an impact focusing on the effect

Today’s societal challenges make it important for the market to quickly establish new innovations. IMCG offer consulting services to assist companies and public actors to include innovative solutions in their operations.



IMCG leads the innovation work in EU projects to create benefits and ensure that the project results benefit the market. We do this, among other things, by creating acceptance in the industry and developing business models that are viable after the end of the project period.

We help individual companies, which are really good at technology and the development of sustainable solutions, to understand what it takes to reach the market. This is what we call “market impact”.



IMCG leads change processes. We support managements and boards that need to adapt their business strategies and employees to a digitalized reality. We guide actors who work with smart cities and help them in their digital change work in areas such as mobility, energy efficiency and sustainability.

New technology can contribute to a sustainable society. Today’s societal challenges make it important for the market to quickly absorb new innovations.

Impact Management

Market stimulation is key to successful sustainable transformation of markets. Market stimulation package is the sum of all action’s authorities take to support market development of prioritized quality criteria e.g. fossil free mobility. Including promotion of solutions, policies, regulations, financial support to entrepreneurs, investments in infrastructure, data donation platforms.

The stimulation activities should be led by specific goals along a roadmap with both timelines and geographic specifications (which can be districts in a city). The activities benefit from targeting a transition track rather than specific technologies. Transition Track has been used to thematically sort demonstrations. Professional stakeholders can follow the development of business opportunities on several markets no matter if they are investors, property developers or technology suppliers.

In this framework impact goals should be clearly related to the transition track and packaged solutions with a story of Why the decision makers aim for this, How the targets will be reached and What the future city will consist of.

IMCG offers strategic support to authorities who would like to implement a market stimulation plan as well as marketing analysis to companies who would like to target markets where market support is implemented.