Innovation projects

It all starts with an idea


IMCG finds the financial resources needed to realize your projects. We understand the value of good ideas that create conditions for sustainable societies and companies. When you hire us, you get a committed player with long experience in financing.

For example, we work with major applications within EU projects and for Vinnova. IMCG also has a large network of private investors. We value ideas, raise capital and collect, analyze and make information available to investors at an early stage.


How to formulate your application

IMCG has extensive experience in planning, writing and coordinating competitive funding applications – for both public and private companies. We support you in your financing and application work through an inventory of opportunities, training, coordination or by project management of the entire process.

If you already know what funding your company or organization wants to apply for, IMCG can provide writing support in your own writing work. We can also handle the entire application process and thereby significantly increase your chances of winning the application. Our degree of involvement is adapted to your needs and previous experience of funding applications.

By working with your company’s or organization’s business development, we can create better conditions for obtaining the funding that is sought. IMCG studies where you are today and what movement is required for you to achieve what you want to apply for funding for. Solid project planning and business development as well as necessary formalities are the work behind a winning application.

It takes time to write an application, to have it evaluated and to then possibly receive funding. It is high time to apply today if you want funding for 2018. IMCG helps both the individual company to apply for money, as well as the consortium.

Grant funding

IMCGs specialize in giving companies, research institutes and authorities a clear picture of the type of funding that is available to apply for. We provide an objective analysis of the financial support that best matches the needs of your company or organization and what is required to increase the chances of obtaining the funds sought.

Build a consortium of project partners

IMCG has extensive experience of forming complex consortia where companies, research institutes and authorities collaborate to achieve increased development and greater market impact. We can help both with the formation of the consortium and shoulder the project manager and coordinator roles that are so important during the project.

An application process is always ultimately about obtaining funding for a specific project, and in recent years IMCG has coordinated or participated in project applications that have resulted in more than SEK 1 billion in funding.

A consortium is the same as a simple company, ie an association of actors who work together for a specific purpose. It is therefore always the parties involved who are responsible externally. If all parties agree with this, a consortium can be excellent

Prototyping & Testbeds

Being able to offer high-tech solutions that match the needs of the market does not automatically lead to business opportunities. IMCG helps you reach all the way.