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IMCG help clients to meet sustainability goals with innovative solutions

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We offer services that support implementation and strengthen the effect of your business development projects. Our aim is to work for clients who contributes to and develop smart, sustainable and democratic societies.


IMCG is one of Europe's most prominent project developers and partners in the EU's research and innovation program.


IMCG got the best rating of the procured management consultants in the area of "Management, governance and business development" by Jönköping Energi in its latest framework contract procurement.


The results from the business development grows further within the own business and create lasting change.

european innovation projects

For several years, IMCG has successfully supported energy companies and infrastructure operations in Sweden and in Europe. We have been consulting but also in collaborations in several European innovation projects in energy, smart cities and mobility. Read more about the FlexiGrid, United-Grid and IRIS Smart Cities projects below.


The FlexiGrid project aims at electricity netword operators and develops the smart electricity networks of the future that provide the conditions for an energy system that is completely based on renewable energy. The project will create an enabling architecture for small and medium-sized distribution system operators (DSOs) to unlock flexibility resources such as electric vehicles or battery storage. DSO will be able to meet the coming capacity shortage with smart technology. IMCG is responsible for coordinating FlexiGrid, its communication plan and business development support.


iris Smart cities

Gothenburg has together with five other European countries received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement  €17 million. IMCG supports the companies with the overall aim to make them reach market impact with their sustainable solutions. IMCG manages these challenges through a horizontal innovation management process and works with all project partners in order to identify and further develop sustainable business models that can be replicated not only in cities within the project, but in other European cities and cities beyond Europe.

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The goal of the UNITED-GRID project is to demonstrate solutions that meet needs and create opportunities in electricity networks for distribution system operators. Their electricity distribution network is becoming increasingly complex with new technologies such as renewable production, energy storage and load balance management. IMCG acts as development and innovation manager in UNITED-GRID, which means that we ensure the development of sustainable commercial solutions during and after the project. IMCG has been commissioned thanks to our expertise in strengthening the development of new technology on the market. In this project, we also contribute with strategic advice on intellectual assets.

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