Meet us at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona


Are you a city interested in smart, sustainable solutions within ICT, mobility and/or energy? Do you speak in terms of renewables, digtital transformation and intelligent mobility? Then, don’t miss this opportunity November 13-15!

The IRIS project demonstrates 16 integrated solutions that are making smart cities even smarter. The solutions are demonstrated in the lighthouse cities Utrecht (The Netherlands), Nice (France) and Gothenburg (Sweden). Our goal is to let cities outside the project get first-hand information on the business models that are proved working well, so that the sustainable smart city solutions can be replicated throughout the world. Smart cities replicate – do you?

An offer to you as a city

No need to reinvent the wheel over and over again. The IRIS project offers cities in and beyond Europe the possibility to replicate the smart city solutions that are being demonstrated and proved working well.

If you are a city you are probably dealing with challenges that urge you to find solutions regarding; Renewables and energy positive districts, Flexible energy management and storage and Intelligent mobility solutions. Often, Digital transformation and services and Citizen engagement and co-creation are essential ingredients of the solutions. To avoid that cities are reinventing the wheel over and over again, the IRIS project has a clear objective to offer cities outside the project – even beyond Europe – the possibility to replicate the solutions that are being demonstrated and proved working well.

16 smart city solutions – which one does your city need to replicate to get smarter?

  • Positive energy  buildings
  • Near zero energy districts
  • Symbiotic waste heat
  • Flexible electricity grids
  • Multi-sourced district heating
  • 2nd life batteries
  • Vehicle-to-grid and smart solar charging
  • Innovative mobility services
  • Urban monitoring
  • City management and planning
  • Mobility services
  • Energy management
  • Changing everyday energy use
  • Participatory city modeling
  • Living labs
  • Behaviour changing information

Want to get started?

The Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona gathers cities from across the globe. If you will be there, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail and we’ll make sure to come by your stand or arrange a meeting. You will meet Jonas Norrman and Ulrika Wahlström from IMCG. We represent all cities in the IRIS project and will guide you to the right contact person for each IRIS solution.