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Evolver joins Spinverse as growth partner and new majority owner

Evolver Fund I has on 30 September 2022 acquired a controlling interest in Finnish innovation funding consultancy Spinverse Oy, who recently acquired IMCG International. Evolver joins Spinverse as growth partner and will continue to pursue international growth together with Spinverse management and personnel.


Spinverse Oy acquires Swedish IMCG International AB to extend Nordic leadership in innovation funding consulting

Finnish innovation consulting company Spinverse Oy and Impact Management Consulting Group International AB (IMCG) from Sweden have today announced the merging of their operational activities.

Project Management

“Being a project coordinator is all about nagging!” Or is it?

Linnéa Qvirist, project coordinator and project manager at IMCG shares her best advice on how to succeed as a project coordinator - in both small and large projects.

Innovation Management

Collaboration is the best way to capture business value from IoT

Internet of things (IoT) and connected sensors are here to stay, and we can only speculate about the benefits from these solutions. Sweden have been a world leader in digitalization for a long time. There is much to gain from collaboration projects.

Innovation Management

Love at first sight – but not always an ever lasting love

When you fall in love you see your partner as a flawless human being and when you start a collaborative project it is the same thing. We love our project partners and we believe that the collaborative, friendly spirit will always be there. Is it possible to make sure you will have a fortunate future together?


Smart grid project FlexiGrid energized with new project manager

The IMCG-coordinated EU project FlexiGrid gets a new energy injection by adding business development expert Douglas Almquist, to the team. Douglas takes over as the new project manager. – FlexiGrid is in a good position to create new business opportunities for the energy sector in Europe, he says.

Innovation Management

Welcome to the final conference of Inspirewater March 25-26 in Brussels

Access to clean water is becoming an increasingly crucial question for both municipalities and industries. At Inspirewater's final conference IMCG and partner organizations will present the results of the Horizon 2020 project. The main focus is on water management in process industries.    


Smart City position available – apply now!

We are looking for a city outside of Europe that wants to know about Smart City solutions being demonstrated on the European market within the energy management, energy efficiency, e-mobility, open data and IoT and citizen engagement and co-creation. Is it that city you?


Not a carpenter, still you are to use tools and toolboxes?

Can you mention one company that doesn't claim having a number of important tools and toolboxes that are to contribute to ease internal and external processes. Both CEOs, leaders and employees are expected to know where, when, how and why the tools are to be used. Somehow, few feel like Bob the Builder at work. Here are 7 steps to get the toolbox working!


Become a winner with video marketing

Videos can capture the action, and it's a great resource when you want to transmit information clearly and visually.
- If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million, says Maria Dahlin, Video expert at IMCG.


Meet us at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Cities are facing the same kind of challenges and need to solve climate-related issues by working smarter within energy, mobility and ICT. No need to reinvent the wheel over and over again. Here is an offer for Smart Cities that want to become smarter. Meet us in Barcelona November 13-15!


IMCG News – October 2018

Light breeze, colorful leaves, bare trees - autumn is here. And at the office, we have so much exciting work going on. Do you share our interests in innovation management, funding and communication and are curious about what we do? Then, our newsletter is for you.


”It’s the next revolution that humans are seeing”

The LoV-IoT solution for air and water monitoring with Internet of Things is now spread internationally. The overall aim with the project is to contribute to better public health, globally. Lately, the cooperation with the project partner, Centro Mario Molina in Chile has been intensified. And in September a Swedish delegation visited Santiago for knowledge exchange and preparation for the launch of a large-scale test In Santiago, Chile. 


Sand and sun – summer has begun

Summer is always sunny and relaxing here in Sweden, right? Maybe not, but with this little movie we would like to wish all of our customers and friends a lovely summer.

Project Management

Benefits generated by a smart city project

There are many benefits of being in a smart city project. But the really good thing is that you can benefit from the sustainable solutions being demonstrated in a project, even though you're not a project member. Here's how!


Let us introduce you to 100 smart cities

IMCG knows over 100 smart cities and got connections both at a city level and works with key organisations and companies within the cities. We match your products and services with the smart cities' needs. Let us introduce you to a world of smart cities!

Project Management

Smart cities replicate – do you?

Want to join the smart cities in Europe? Do as the Chilean delegation that visited Gothenburg recently for a demonstration of some of the sustainable solutions that are part of the IRIS project. A wide network of smart cities is available for you.

Project Management

Citizens crucial for great ideas to gain market impact

Find out why the citizens play such an important role when it comes to successful market entrances of technical, sustainable innovations now being rolled out all over Europe.

Project Management

Smart match-making at a business to city level

Are you a company ready to provide European cities with smart innovations within energy, mobility or ICT?


Join our team – Senior project developer

IMCG is hiring.
We are looking for a senior project developer in major collaborative projects.

Project Management

Swedish innovation selected as speaker at Smart Cities India 2018 Expo

International: The innovation project LoV-IoT - environmental monitoring of air and water with IoT Technology, has been selected by the conference committee of the 4th Smart Cities India 2018 Expo to speak at the panel discussion within the topic: IoT applications, services and real implementations. The conference takes place in New Dehli on the 23-25 of May.


Let us present: The Swedish Jul

IMCG want to thank all of you for a fantastic 2017 and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. For our international friends, we did a short movie about the holiday celebrations in Sweden. Sometimes it doesn't go according to plan...

Project Management

When a patent isn’t enough

When an innovative collaborative project starts to show results that can be commercialized, a general agreement like a Consortium Agreement is not enough. IMCG works strategically with IPR management in several EU-projects and we encourage partners not only to rely on the Consortium Agreement, but to sign legal documents regulating details minimizing the risk for legal disputes and maximizing the possibility for the outcome of the fruitful collaboration to reach market impact.


About to pitch for investors? Here are four tips for you!

In a pitch you usually only have a couple of minutes in order to get a potential investor interested in your invention. You will stand in front of people who don’t share your interest for technical details and who don’t have your knowhow regarding that area. IMCG lists 4 tips on how you get through to the investor.


Winning EU-application: Millions to project for climate-smart solutions

Gothenburg has together with six European cities been granted 18 million Euros (just over 175 million Swedish Crowns) by the EU, for a five-year project. The application is rated number one by the EU commission.
– To have a good project idea isn’t enough if you want to receive a high score. You also need to have an excellent plan for the realisation of it and a clear picture of expected impact on society, says, Magnus Andersson, partner at IMCG and one of the key people in the creation of the winning application.

Project Management

3 steps to increase success – the next H2020 work programme

Now - or at the latest by early fall 2017 - you should be busy building your consortia for the next H2020 Work programme, 2018-2020. If you haven’t already gotten started, consider this a wake-up call to do so. IMCG lists three priorities to get you kick-started.

Innovation Management

Invitation: Seminar about the use of IoT to show air pollution near you

The IoT-project ”Environmental weather” has been going on since 2015. During this time the project group has developed and installed six sensors around the City of Gothenburg. Each sensor measures nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and noise. With IoT a communication platform visualises the collected data.


Eloquent silence at Masthuggskajen

In August, an exciting project takes place in the Masthuggskajen area. Around 40 sound-muffling hexagons will be placed in the open space by the river to create a controllable urban soundscape. The innovation company IMCG that develops new solutions for sustainable cities leads the effort.

Innovation Management

Swedish Innovations travel to India

Sweden is to show the world what the urban development of the future could look like. Noise prevention solutions from Controllable Urban Soundscape and the housing concept HSB Living Lab have been chosen for display at a large international smart cities conference in India.

Project Management

”This is just the beginning of something greater”

VIDEO CLIP: Intense efforts are being made to ensure that the district energy project CELSIUS, now with more than 50 European member cities, continues to assist and motivate progress after project closure.
Leading figures in the project are now mapping out the course to making it happen. See them interviewed here.