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Impact management
Business development

Financial roadmap – the right way to innovation

Lost in the in a field of financial instruments? IMCG supports organizations develop long-term plans to apply for funding in an optimal way.

View of EFLEX software and functions
Energy transition

Earning electric money on your house or building – as simple as Airbnb!

Just owning a house with an energy system makes you a potential flexibility provider, which will be worth money in the flexible smart grid. In the IMCG coordinated Horizon 2020 project FlexiGrid we are developing a blockchain based platform for the flexibility market.

Business development

What happens to project results when the project ends?

If nothing happens to the project results after the project has ended, there will be no impact. Result owners need to make sure they have a preliminary commercialization plan ready by the time the project is finalized.

Business development

Transformation to sustainable businesses in smart cities

Successful transformation to sustainable solutions is dependent on collaboration between market actors, local policys and EU strategies. IMCG supports early adopters and helps energy utilities and property companies with strategies, business development and impact management.

Innovation Management

Collaboration is the best way to capture business value from IoT

Internet of things (IoT) and connected sensors are here to stay, and we can only speculate about the benefits from these solutions. Sweden have been a world leader in digitalization for a long time. There is much to gain from collaboration projects.

Business development

The upcoming Celsius Summit: From demo to impact

Magnus Andersson, a high profiled expert in European innovation management leads the workshop "Facilitating the replication and scaling of demonstrators" during this year's Celsius Summit in Brussels October 17-18. There he will point out existing obstacles and how to get around them.

Business development

Boosting possibilities for market impact

A market analysis is one important step to get to know your market. No matter how great the technology you are providing is, you won't make it to the market, if you haven't studied it. What are the buying habits of your potential customers? Who are your competitors? What are the trends?