Knowledge sharing for upscaling key in the European Innovation Fund


Your development project is very important for you and the company you work for. But with funding from the EU the project must also show potential for upscaling and replication. Sharing knowledge enables others to do the same, which contributes to Europe achieving its climate goals.

If you are planning to apply for funding from the European Innovation Fund (EIF), then it is time to start preparing. The deadline for applications is March 2023. The EIF is a funding program for demonstrations of innovative technologies that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The first announcements were published in 2020, and now it’s time again.

“An important part of the application is the part about knowledge sharing. The EU wants the successful projects to create conditions for replication and scalability, simply so that the knowledge can be shared and picked up by more actors within the EU”, says Ulrika Wahlström at IMCG.

In fact, 20 percent of an EIF application is about opportunities for upscaling and replication through knowledge sharing. The focus is not only on traditional project communication, but rather a combination of “ordinary” communication and that you share technical knowledge and lessons learned during the project.

The EU has no interest in providing a single player or an individual project with billion-dollar funding. The EU wants to see a clear plan – a knowledge sharing plan – that shows the potential for scalability and replication of the technology and value chain needed to realize the project.

It is an art how to create a communication strategy and a knowledge sharing plan that covers scalability and replication. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about this on how to build a competitive EIF application.

Writing a winning application – IMCG and Granitor supported Stockholm Exergi in designing and writing the EIF application for their project Beccs Stockholm. It became one of the seven EIF applications that were the first to receive funding from the EIF Fund. There were 311 applicants in total. In addition to knowledge dissemination and enabling scaling up and replication (knowledge sharing), an application includes, among other things, development of a business model (Business model), development of innovation height (Degree of innovation) etc. IMCG is strong in these areas. Feel free to contact us if you want the right conditions for your EIF application.