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Coordination, exploitation and communication for FlexiGrid

FlexiGrid – Unlocking distribution grids for renewable energy

FlexiGrid is a Horizon 2020-project, executed by 16 partners from 8 European countries. The aim is to
provide distribution system operators, the DSOs, with a variety of advanced tools to meet new demands for the transition into fossil-free energy brings while remaining the lead actors on this changing market.

To allow Europe into 100% renewable energy, the distribution grids need to adapt to the variation in
energy supply from weather-dependent sources like wind, water, and the sun. However, the grids are designed for the past and need an update to handle this new situation. Congestions, lack of storage, old regulations and obsolete business models are barriers for the new energy production system to flourish in our electric grids.

FlexiGrid is an IMCG-made project. We have designed it, we lead it and we act as exploitation and innovation managers as well as communication managers.

The FlexiGrid project objective is to develop technical solutions to serve needs and opportunities for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) in their electricity grids. The project, carried out from November 2019 to April 2023, has received funding from the European Commission’s framework programme Horizon 2020. Grant agreement no 864048.

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This EU-project is co-funded by the European Union.

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