EU-project: InspireWater

Innovation management and communication for InspireWater

EU puts great effort into the development of Europe as a leader in green production and industrial waste water management.

The InspireWater project aims to find innovative techniques to increase water and raw material efficiency in resource demanding steel- and chemical industry and to support implementation of new resource efficient technologies. IMCG manages the innovation process within exploitation and market analysis in order to create value and impact of the results by creating acceptance in the industry, managing regulatory barriers and developing business models that will be viable after the project is finished. IMCG works strategically with IPR management to encourage partners not only to rely on general agreements, like the Consortium Agreement, but to sign legal documents regulating details minimizing the risk for legal disputes and maximizing the possibility for the developed techniques to reach the market.

IVL Swedish Environmental Institute coordinates the InspireWater project, that is EU-financed by 5.5 million Euro and will run for three and a half years until 2020. The goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of the European steel and chemical industry and put Europe as a leader on the world market for segments in industrial water treatment which will create new high qualified jobs in Europe.

Public authorities, global steel companies, research institutes and universities in Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands participate in the project, together with IMCG´s offices both in London and Gothenburg. Great effort is put into that the techniques that are developed will reach the next level in the innovation process, reach its´market potential and make an impact.

IMCG has developed the unique consortium with 11 leading actors and is in charge of leading and coordinating the projects utilization process.

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