IMCG videos could promote EU programme


VIDEO CLIP: The EU Commission is producing a video to increase awareness and willingness to participate in the Smart Cities initiative. Gothenburg contributes two videos produced by IMCG.

Cities involved in running Smart Cities projects have been asked to contribute filmed documentation of what has already been achieved. From Gothenburg, two reportages produced by IMCG have been sent, about the district heating project CELSIUS: one about the workshops organized by Celsius’ partner cities and one about whitegoods using district heating. Both are embedded further down in this blog post.

The material sent was perceived to be ”very interesting” and the Smart Cities video is now being produced. IMCG is waiting with interest to learn whether we will be part of the campaign, which has the bigger aim to trigger practice and knowledge-sharing so that regions, cities and industry join forces and replicate valuable solutions. Smart Cities finances solutions that improve the quality of life in European cities and work toward the EU climate objectives.

Celsius workshops

Whitegoods demonstrator